Friday, 17 June 2016

These things have not happened

This is a list of things I have not done. I may get round to it. I do like to write. I never have the time. 

This will remind me. 

I have never written about Andrew Weatherall
Ultra vivid Scene
Lush/ pale Saints
The Sea Urchins
Public Enemy snd power of funk
De la Soul and teh death of the D.A.I.S.Y age
Remember Fun and why they never get a mention 
Syd barrett / Pink Floyd
The Smiths
The Telescopes and Lincoln
Buffalo Tom and the pre grunge time
The Lemon heads
Pixies at Brixton 
Razorcuts and jangling guitars
Sarah Records……properly
Fanzines and hate
The Essential Mix in the early 1990s in Darryl's house or Nick's car
Ministry of Sound and losing it
Strictly Rhythm
The Small Faces and why I fell in love
A Tribe called Quest because they are wonderful
The Bridge House Hotel and Scunthorpe scenes
Cassette tapes and falling in love
The Stone Roses and why the Second Coming was welcomed in this house
Oasis and Blur becuase I was at Knebworth selling programmes
Bill Drummond and the KLF  - except when I talked about it being Grim up North
Sodden streets and eclectic beats ( because that sounds like a good title for a post) 
The failure of Morrissey to ignite a shred of passion
All the mods that you see and growing a beard like Godley and Creme
The World of Twist (again) and not getting Earl Brutus 
Intastella because they were fantatstic
Ocean Colour Scene because Moseley is a good place
The Gardening Club and heavy beats and sweating walls

Wearing red cords and hearing Eddie Flashin Fowlkes deejay

There's more. 

There's always more.