Friday, 5 June 2015

immediate response to Sleaford Mods Koko London

I will write a full review - these are just words for now- i have pictures - i have not put them up: 

this response will include swearing

chicken villa
hot streets
terrace banter
and mistaken identity

peacock shapes and stage glory
full houses and a nation turned tory
what's your story?

vitriol and rage and camp hand gesture and inarticulate mutterings

sex pistols and cusps of fame (but it's all so fucking boring)


iggy pop vemon
and songs turned up to eleven
wit not banter
shouts and stutters
of tales of real life gutters
and nutters
on trains
and buses
and in shopping centres
and streets
ram raided
and not faded denim
with faces past rage with mortgage
just simply stood and fed with invective
for minutes
or hours
because that's what we do
middle class elbows and
wine in hand
as we witness a band of the (no) future.
they mean it man
we mean it maaaaaaan
cusps of breakthrough
you discuss adverts and useage
the band continue with abuse
cunt this and that
i put the cunt in scunthorpe
i fucking rage about those times
i fucking hate these times
and here is the idiocy articulation of fear and loathing
we don't know what to think - shut it aawt mate - shut it awwwt.
I want a bounty.
just a fucking bounty
that's how we yell.
we demand
this is a band with politics and understanding
shout cunt
they get it
smash it - big up the riots

with a z u cunt