Monday, 16 April 2012

Sounds from the overground - solitary rants from the listening man No.3

I have heard the British Eurovision entry by Englebert Humperdink

I played my children a selection of advertisements – including the mighty Opal Fruits jingle – made to make your mouth water

I read about Steve Marriot and felt that utter despair as he crawled into the airing cupboard and not out the front door. However, I did read that he rocked the denim look from 1974 onwards after having put it into the public domain supporting The Who at Charlton Athletics’ Valley stadium.

I watched a documentary about Public Enemy and sang loudly to Fight the Power.

I searched the internet for references to Hard Times in Mirfield and ended up downloading a set by DJ’s Tom Wainwright and Miles Holloway.

I have continued to write lies about George Harrison

I played a selection of live tunes by Echo and the Bunnymen from the early eighties.

I found a load of old set lists from Pale Saints, The Razorcuts, The Pixies, The Siddeleys and The Rosehips.

I read some letters posted to me in the 1980s

I contemplated buying a ticket for The Primitives in May

I found some old photographs of The Housemartins at the Scunthorpe Free Rock Festival.

I uploaded all the Velvets and Lou Reed albums to itunes – I didn’t have the John Cale ones.

I played Metal Machine Music to some students.

I played No bed for Beatle John again.

I downloaded some Andrew Wethearall and Carl Craig sets

I read a Spiritualized review.

And I listened to this after finding it again on a CD in Cancer Research. It is simply an acid grower and it samples Marshall Jefferson. Simple really.