Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sounds from the overground - solitary rants from the listening man No.2

I have been using ‘garageband’ to recreate Stereolab tunes.

I made three new CDs for the car – they all jump.

I want to own the Housemartins albums in a digital format as I can’t remember where they are in the house.

I saw the animosity and boredom on Alex Turner’s face as the crowd sang ‘Mardy Bum’ and he couldn’t be arsed to dwell on all that old romance.

I uploaded various tunes – including ‘Slip inside this House’ by The 13th Floor Elavators.

I had a cup of tea in my Jonny mug.

I watched some of the Wu-Tang Clan’s set on i-player

I listened to Esmerelda’s Kite Vampire Girl.

I am still waiting to give the Oliver soundtrack to my daughter

I grabbed a handful of records and brough them downstairs

I looked at a photograph of my friend’s night out in Brighton with the Rhinestoned Immaculates

I wanted to get my hair cut

We played the pink vinyl 7inch of Candyfloss

I listened to the first Pink Floyd LP and got down to Interstellar Overdrive

We danced to the Machine Soul Funk Vol 1 EP on Rotters Golf Club