Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I fought the mix and the kids won

When i passed my driving test – I envisaged this world of ours mapped to the soundtrack of my heart. A plethora of sounds drawn from the decades of music and shared with whoever would travel in the passenger seat. Well – the one person I wanted in the passenger street. It isn’t quite like creating a mix tape for someone or something – and I think i’ll do a post on that – because that’s just come rushing back – all those moments hands hovering over tape buttons so you could press the right buttons in sound.

But I duly downloaded CDs – selecting, rejecting, jostling with the running order and digging out old CDs with mixes and tunes I hadn’t heard for an age. To surprise – guide - explore this musical world or universe I had/ have been creating for years.

But the Bobby Fuller Four have got the best of me – a chance purchase in a second hand shop of The Best Sixties Album in the world ever....II – has become the soundtrack to all journeys with my children as they demand ‘I Fought the Law’ before we have even left the leafy environs of our part of South London. That simple guitar introduction – that chiming and ringing Stratocaster sound as the drums cut back and in comes that lazy yet defiant twang of a man ready to take ‘em all on. A socialist reading and an explanation for the kids in the back of the car. Robbing banks in the hot sun – I fought the law and the law won. It tends to.

And this is the tune they can’t live without – my daughter fell in love with it. Like I did as a child – except my song was ‘Tiger Feet’ and that still gets me stomping today. Oh one of the twins will shout for Fire Brigade by The Move or Daydream Believer – but ‘I fought the law’ unites them all – as it should.

So here’s to the back seat singers and sixties lovers – I like the fact my children know no other way – I like the fact we sing songs together.

The Bobby Fuller Four: I fought the law